Vision & Objectives


  • To be the Pioneer of Sustainable Green development of the nation by promotion of Eco themes through continued Pro Social Business Innovations, integrating Environmental protection and Natural Resource Management


  • To establish a lead role in affordable natural food production and supply, contributing to food security, nutrition security and check on Food Inflation
  • To develop and promote Alternative energy innovations and adaptations on a large scale contributing to energy security and reduction of carbon footprint
  •  To promote wide spread sustainable agriculture modules with unique applications of community, corporate and contract farming systems
  • To develop Green themes ,build and promote Eco communities and living through Ecorealty and infrastructure development providing ecofriendly solutions to urban food ,housing and living needs
  • To establish  large scale Dairy projects with emphasis on Cow wealth management, Cow based products (milk, milk products ,dung/manure) production and supply, Integrated Cow & land resource management
  • To develop or build  wide spread unique experiential Leisure, Wellness Ecotourism based themes  and Ecodestinations for the vast growing urban population
  • To undertake rural development through Agribuisiness initiatives, rural micro enterprising ,Agro products manufacturing ,rural retailing ,Agro technology promotion and infrastructure development
  • To provide large scale value based employment in Green biz in contribution to Green Nation building