“Yadbhaavam Tadbhavathi “
“You are what you believe” or “You become what you believe”

The similar applies to the sort of development and the kind of world we comprise and make.

The tenets of Perigreen lie on the fact that Eco sustainable development is the ultimate solution to all the present day world problems be it food insecurity, fresh water crisis, Energy crisis ,pollution, global warming or climate change at large, Every imbalance is the long-term outcome of the non integration of natural resource management in to the developmental policy. Every individual's thought and committed action is necessary to find the solution along with the collective efforts of the community, organizations and the Governments.

It is to provide a platform for the common man to contribute in this universal endeavor that Perigreen has created. Our company provides a chance for the individuals to invest in the food, nutrition and energy securities of the family without moving away from the profitability. Every project of Perigreen would be a socio entrepreneurial innovation keeping in view the overall wellbeing, health and harmony of the people and world at large.