Green stars are a commune of compassionate and socially responsible people synergizing in an environmental drive with a mission to create a sustainable world with health, harmony and happiness.

The Green star can basically be any person who likes and understands the value driven concepts of Perigreen and who wants to promote or sell the products of the company.

Why Green Star?

Perigreen wishes to identify and mentor talent pool of individuals and provide large scale value based employment for Green development through different verticals .The Perigreen Green Stars system being a unique system not only facilitates such mission achievement but also helps us in identifying, recruiting and training a team that shares our value system.

Green star system - Highlights:

  • Transparent Value driven system
  • Customer participatory opportunity
  • Relationship based drive
  • Positive inflow regulation
  • Capacity building emphasis


  • Better Reward System: Since the individual performance is emphasized, the hard work of every Green Star will be recognized and rewarded
  • Training and Support: Since the emphasis is more on delivering the idea & value share than on the sale, we will emphasize more on the capacity building
  • Future beyond projects: With the emphasis of the company on constant green ideas implementation apart from vertical specific projects, Green Stars Program will always offer a recession-free and season-independent alternative and help in establishing a career base with time and targets and passion
  • Green Mission Participation: The green star unlike conventional employee will be a privileged person working for promotion of unique green developmental models thus contributing to the green mission for greater good.