Mission: Green Developmental drive by bringing large landholdings under cultivation , in safe and natural ways making every piece of farm land sustainable , thus addressing food and health security at large.


  • Conversion of feasible land areas in to agricultural lands
  • Soil water and climate suitability adaptability and market study
  • Portfolio of profitable food crops and appropriate timing of crop season
  • Support and advice from experienced agriscientists and professionals
  • Collaborating and Partnering with different research institutions and technology providers
  • Trained and experienced full time farm crew
  • Maximizing returns and minimizing risks through efficient farm management
  • Technology management and farm mechanization to address labour problem
  • Quality safety and operational efficiency
  • Qualitative seed and input management
  • Natural and safe farming practices and integrated plant protection measures
  • Natural manuring and fertilization minimalisation
  • Rain water harvesting, water conservation through micro irrigation systems
  • Multicropping and crop rotation and diversification
  • Warehousing facility and Post harvest handling
  • Efficient marketing using retail vertical eliminating intermediaries


  • Farm consultancy and advisory
  • Contract farming
  • Corporate farming
  • Community farming
  • Collaborative and joint venture (JV)

We design structured, tailor made and growth oriented modules to suit your requirements to make your farm land more profitable, sustainable and experiential.

Your association with us will help you in;

  • Putting land in to ideal green use without expending your time and energies
  • Use service of knowledgeable and experienced natural farming team
  • Contribute to food security by participatory food production

Render CSR “Citizen Social Responsibility “by promoting safe food production, preventing pollution by green development, reduce global warming and climate change effects.

Projects: Ongoing in Kundurg, Shadnagar area and outer vicinities of Greater Hyderabad