Welcome to Perigreen

Perigreen is a new generation Socio Entrepreneurial Initiative with a vision of Sustainable Green development by promotion of Eco themes through continued Pro Social Business Innovations, integrating Environmental protection and Natural Resource Management.

PeriGreen: Peri~ around; about; enclosing everything   Green

Perigreen is a Green/ Eco concept implementation organization that contributes to a greener world through its Eco sustainable solutions in the areas of Food / Agriculture, Alternative Energy, Agri business, Eco Realty, Infrastructure, Rural development, Leisure and wellness and other green biz adaptations.

We in this 21st century are experiencing the repercussions of our greatest mistake i.e. Development at the cost of Ecodegradation leading to illogical exploitation of Mother Earth and her Natural resources. Considering the Mankind’s bonding with Mother Nature reaching the fragile tipping point, Perigreen through its business innovations takes a step ahead in this direction to contribute in making this world a better place for us and our future generations.

PERIGREEN is the group of Companies operating in diversified verticals


Perigreen launched its first project Natural Harvest in Ecorealty vertical offering a unique kind of Agriculture based Green Realty concept, enabling a farming opportunity to the urban population, secure them a green space to cater to their needs of health, wealth & happiness.

The ongoing Natural Harvest project site is at kundurg at a distance of 68km from the city of Hyderabad. The main idea behind this project is a green investment drive providing a participatory opportunity to the urban population in natural food production along with leisure and wellness provision through a rural experiential destination. The value of customer wealth is also enhanced through appreciation of land value, farm revenue generation, Safe natural food affordability at discounted price through fresh farm shopping experience and a green club membership with agritainment and exciting green themes.


Perigreen offers Eco sustainable solutions in the areas of Agriculture, Alternative Energy, Agri business, EcoRealty, Infrastructure, Rural development, Leisure and wellness and other Green biz adaptations.

The major services include